Embellish Inc. custom homes and interiors Embellish Inc. custom homes and interiors

Having trouble getting started? Or maybe that one room is just not coming together. Embellish Inc. infuses each undertaking, from initial vision to final realization and installation, with sound business knowledge and creative inspiration. Whether designing from the ground up, coordinating with architects and contractors, or refreshing a pre-existing interior with creative inspiration, Embellish Inc. approaches each challenge with determination and finesse. The teamsÕ relentless enthusiasm, organization and knowledge sets Embellish Inc., apart creating and surpassing the standard for excellence in interiors.

Small or Large projects we can help. Whether it is through painted walls, custom window treatments or other unique accents. Embellish Inc. can help to ensure that your home is one of a kind. We can take your existing style and tweak it for a refreshing touch, by “using” what you own and creating a to do list for you or even just shopping ideas. Embellish Inc. helps to capture imaginations with original ideas and/or themes unique to you! If your looking for sophistication, style, and elegance then Embellish can will pursue your hearts desires with relentless enthusiasm, organization, and knowledge. Come explore the possibilities with us...

Take a peek at our Gallery to see how ideas transformed a child’s four white walls into their own storybook adventure. Whether it be a construction site or their very own never never land, open the door and walk into your favorite book, like the Cat in the Hat, The Star Belly Sneetches or Guess How Much I Love You. We can embellish those walls and create a world of dreams.

Embellish Inc. Products:
  • Interior Decorating
  • Designs and Murals
  • Faux Finishing
  • Window Treatments
  • Blinds
  • Custom products: Any item can be made to order to your specification. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  1. Create a design file: Make copies or pull out pictures from magazines of rooms, colors, furniture, etc. of items you like. This will be your first step in deciding your style/tastes.

  2. Minimize-Get rid of clutter. Make use of organizers to give everything a home. We can help with this but first determine what is working and what isn’t.

  3. Don’t skimp on Texture: This includes furniture but also fabrics and wall finishes!

  4. For quick immediate changes try:
    1. Painting the walls. This is your biggest bang for your buck.
    2. Add a rug. Rugs define spaces, add personality, and drama.
    3. Decorate the walls with textures and accessories.
    4. Re-arrange the room and its accessories.
    5. Buy or make a few new accent pillows for new color and style.

  5. Furniture: Evaluate the quality and style of the piece. If you have good quality furniture and you like the style, then reupholstering maybe be the right thing to do. If your furniture was a large investment initially, the cost of reupholstering may be lower than replacing with the same quality. Thus, you will retain the investment and the quality you initially purchased. If your furniture was low to moderate quality, then it is not usually worth reupholstering. Typically the cost of the fabric far exceeds the worth of the piece and it is more cost effective to purchase new.

  6. Accessories: Accessories add color, scale, drama, personality, ambience to a room and should be items you love and some that add a perfect touch of color to the room decoration (like accent pillows). Plants, trees and florals will work wonders to fill spaces.

  7. Art: Will fill wall space, create personality, and be an inspiration piece. Remember art and real estate are a few things that will always increase in value. They are an investment piece and well worth the money to buy what you absolutely love and it will with-stand the test of time.

  8. Artwork heights: As a general rule of thumb, most art pieces should be hung at eye level. Of course eye level is different for all people! Suggestion: hang the center of the art piece approximately 60 inches from the floor. A key or important piece of art to be hung over a sofa or furniture piece should be approximately two thirds the width of the lower item, and hung approximately 5-10 inches above the furniture. Remember there are always exceptions! Have a good time with art in your home, it’s an element of decorating that reflects your taste and style.

  9. Flooring: A critical function and décor that should be chosen with both in mind. If in doubt go neutral with beautiful hard wood floors a neutral carpet pallete, then throw in a little spice with gorgeous rugs!

  10. Window treatments: Selected with function and color coordination, typically an inspiration piece. You may decide to get help with this one, what is on a window can make or break a room.

  11. Lighting: Will add function and ambience to the room, this is a critical component so get help if you need to but make sure the lighting makes all your hard work glow! Allow as much natural light to enter the room as possible. Use artificial light liberally, to keep things bright, and highlight work areas and not ceilings.

  12. Color/paint: Always bring your paint color home and test it on your walls before painting an entire room. Your lighting and room design is much different than the stores. Below are some ideas on color. Do not be afraid to use faux finishes they look luxurious and add another layer to the room.

Some Ideas on Color:
What type of rooms do you like? Bright, soft, warm, neutral? Look at your floors, carpets, or large pieces of furniture you have and would like to keep, this is your starting point. Pull out one of the colors you want to be your primary color, then select one or two accent colors. A good rule of thumb is to use the lightest colors on your walls, medium tones for large furniture and dark colors for accents. Obviously, all rules are made to be broken.

Following is how colors can affect your room:

Cool, calming, restful
Popular for bedrooms
Good for rooms with Southern Exposures

Stimulating, exciting
Good for Northern Exposures

Cool, natural, relaxing, restful
Complements most colors
Good for rooms with Southern Exposures

Bright, cheery
Most popular for kitchens
Good for rooms with Northern Exposures