Embellish Inc. custom homes and interiors Embellish Inc. custom homes and interiors
Builder Profile

Who we are:
Embellish Inc. was founded in 2003. We are an innovative home building and design firm based in Southern Wisconsin. Embellish Inc. has a strong management team devoted to ensuring the continued success of our company by providing products/services to satisfy a growing market need for quality, energy efficient, tasteful, affordable homes. Our team includes designers, building professionals and a relationship with Citation Homes. Citation Homes has over 40 years of building experience including state of the art building and design technology. This relationship promotes environmentally friendly building processes through efficiency in exacting building processes. This confidence in the engineering of you home allows for a 30 year structural warrantee, something virtually unheard of in the current building industry. Please feel free to look at www.citationhomes.com for more information.

How we do it:
The structural components of Embellish Inc.’s homes are built to exacting standards in Citation homes manufacturing facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and then delivered to the building site. Each home is “pre-built” on a state of the art computer system before any manufacturing begins. The structure is analyzed and engineered to perform at the highest levels. The drawings identify every piece of lumber used to frame the home and match it to the optimum piece of lumber for the application. This reduces the typical framing waste by more than 85%, reduces clean up time, landfill disposal, and eliminates any burning on site. The pre-planning process assures that all products are ordered in time, available, and work with other selections. This also, guarantees prices and quantities which protects the home buyer from price hikes or items “missed” on materials.

The wall panels, floor trusses, roof trusses and other components are manufactured in a controlled, indoor environment. The floor sheets are cut and numbered which greatly speeds the on-site construction process and allows the home to be weather tight in a few weeks. The windows are shipped installed creating better seals, less on site damage, and squared. The home can be put up in 7-10 days with a team of 5-8 men. This in turn, reduces the chances of future problems, caused by moisture, such as delaminating, mold and lumber twisting.

The engineered wood components and trussed floor systems are stronger and stiffer than large dimension solid lumber, yet eliminate the need to harvest old-growth forests. As the pre-built floor trusses are installed, other carpenters are fastening the floor sheathing with another team setting the wall panels then sheathing and the roof. Once the home is structurally complete and weather tight, a team of sub contractors handle the remaining items such as drywall, electrical, plumbing, floor coverings, heating and air conditioning, and interior finish work.

These homes use quality products like #2 and better studs used in comparison with “stud grade” lumber commonly used in homebuilding. The #1 select 2x6’s used in wood foundations aren’t available through most lumberyards. All structural panels are APA rated to assure consistent quality. In critical application, machine stress rated lumber is utilized rather than relying on inconsistent, visually graded wood. An example of this is the pre-built stair systems. They are twice as strong as conventionally built stairs giving a more solid, squeak free performance.

There are also many advantages of using manufactured panels, these include:
  • Simplified construction & reduced labor costs: Each panel can be carried by men and a small fork lift, so no crane is required. Average erection time for exterior wall panels is usually one day for a 3 man crew.
  • Finishes apply easily: OSB surface provides a sturdy and continuous nail and screw base to which exterior and interior finishing materials can be attached.
  • Quality: Walls are straight and flat with no bulging framing members.
  • Environmentally responsible: Use of fast growth harvested farm trees rather than old growth forests and uses up to 35% less raw timber.
Wood Foundations:
We also offer the option of permanent wood foundation in lieu of the more common concrete basement walls. The permanent wood foundations are warm (R-22 insulation vs. R1.57 for an 8: thick poured concrete wall) and dry. The basement hole is dug, and then framing takes over. This means construction doesn’t have to stop in cold weather. Wood foundations are easy to finish and very cost competitive with other finished basement approaches.

The Permanent Wood Foundation system is an engineering construction system based on extensive laboratory and field testing. Forest Laboratories in Madison, Wisconsin has had a wood foundation material in the ground since the 1940’s and periodically checks it for any deterioration. Wood foundation walls have been used successfully beneath thousands of homes and other structures throughout the United States and Canada. It is accepted by major model building codes, federal agencies, and by lending, home warranty, and fire insurance institutions.

How is this done? First, the wood is pressure treated with wood preservatives that become chemically bonded in the wood. This process protects the foundation from fungi, termites and other causes of deterioration...permanently. Secondly, the walls are engineered to absorb and distribute soil loads and stresses that frequently crack and split other types of foundations. Third, the drainage system, which routes water away from the foundation, prevents a build-up of pressure against the foundation and stops leaks. This is accomplished with polyethylene and gravel, or a synthetic material called Enkadrain.

Permanent Wood Foundations are not only warmer and dryer, but are easier and less expensive to finish into energy-efficient homes. Insulation fits nicely into the cavities of the wood frame wall. Extra furring strips are not necessary, and nailable studs are already in place. This allows for considerable savings in time, expense, and convenience when finishing the lower level.

Energy Efficiency:
In today’s economy, concern over energy prices is serious business. But, with intelligent planning and a firm grasp on available technology, this hurdle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For this reason, Embellish Inc. homes is at the forefront of designing homes that are both stylishly functional and energy efficient at the same time.

A respected and established leader in the homebuilding industry, Citation Homes is very involved in ongoing energy efficiency studies at federal, state and local levels. By utilizing valuable information acquired from private programs such as ComfortWise® and EnergyStar® we can concentrate on energy efficient ways to design, build and operate homes.

Embellish Inc backs what we build. When it comes to the warranty on your new home Embellish Inc. has a one year bumper to bumper coverage with an industry leading 30 year structural warranty backed by Citation Homes. All independent manufacturers’ warranties on products such as siding, roofing, windows and doors will be passed on to the client. That is how confident we are in standing behind our pledge of top quality construction, workmanship and materials.